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Carrying sustainable crystals and jewelry

Crystals can carry such meaning and beauty. 


When you hold one in your hand you can feel your body and the sensation of your soul.  Taking shape as you breathe in their beauty and form. The soothing sensation when you run your fingers across them, whether they are raw or polished, your body can hold that feeling there.


Our bodies remember, and hold our actions, and past within everyday. Whether it was a trauma you felt in your life, or the feeling that there is something missing. Our bodies hold those feelings, which can create discomfort, anxiety, aches and pains, or just feeling something is "just not right".


Crystals are used to help so many people with mental health, mindfulness, wisdom, inspiration, and so many others. They are used to help open our chakras and to help us heal. 

To even more they are used as a thing of beauty. The shine, or texture, the colour or simple beauty held within.

We at Ganymede Crystal carry many types. From raw, to polished, towers, spheres, small shards, beads, etc... There is a crystal for everyone and we are here to help. We include a card with every purchase detailing the many uses of your crystal and the parts of the world you can find them.

We also carry jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Many of them hand crafted with care.

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